You can find your Teamviewer ID in 2 placeds.

1. Just click on the small triangle at the bottom of the screen next to the time. That should expand a small windows that has a blue icon in it with a white arrow. If you hover your mouse over it the ID will appear or you can click it and then a windows will open that shows you your ID. Just copy that number and submit it with the ticket.

2. If the icon is not at the bottom of the screen, then there should be an icon on the desktop call "Teamviewer # Host". Just double-click it and run it. A window should appear with the your ID visible.

3. If the icon is not on the desktop then go to the start button, all programs and look for teamviewer and run it. Or for windows 8, hold your mouse pointer at the top right corner of the screen, then click search (magnifying glass) and type teamviewer, then run the application.

4. If all those fail. Give us a call at 337-366.1122.